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Blessings to the sacred nine streams and four holy beams, directions that gleam.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking a View, Hold Me Close to You! Running Deer's Concerns, Children Are Learned!

Spirit flight to Running Deer's Residence

cw: Here I go, down the stream, I can see, the butterflies dreams, upon a road, a fairy tale, what did we do, but sail. I'm at a house, full of gold, but nobody knows! There is a porch a small swing, holding up, most everything (looking out from the porch), holding stories, in our hearts, because we do look at you, when you take a leap or two. Out in the fields of time, I do unwind. I'm in this swinging mode to look for gold (brotherhood). And inside my heart, I look inside, to see, our part.  The home, we live in,  the place, that's once filled with sin, now looks the other way, to say, we do pray, look I'm here today.

I open the door, what do I see. I peek through the doorway for all but to believe. And around the corner, it's dark and deep, but halls of light, do keep. I enter the hall way, there's some light, but I feel in the distant, there is some plight, a room to the left a dining hall, where many do gather a place, where we fall (do study, Pray together, sit and eat, used as a living hall). I can see, that I am uneasy, because someone is watching me. I can feel the heart of a spirit, that longs to know, his part.  He thinks I'm an Angel come from the mighty God, for he is following with his heart (the spirit). And as I go looking, into the other rooms, shelter and comfort, bring us to bloom, wolves find the corners, I pet their heads, some are not happy, but sad. Then all of a sudden a rushing wind appears. There is a place, where God is very near. I feel the hush of children, who fear, the winds of God, let me shed rainbows, to show, them I'm a cloud.  They see balloons of colors in their heads, no more fear, now they can go and read.  It's time, for dreams to appear, to bring this house a home, now children, let us roam.

Moving from room to room, now a stairs I see, looking for what is following me, darkness does know, when light does appear, looking curious, to what is hear/here. Come let journey upon the stairs, there is room for nare (breath of life), the place, we find we care.  I feel much pain (behind my right eye) and sadness come over me, upon the flight, where breaking company (dividing to many rooms). We find a short hall, where we could go and see, but children don't mind me, here in the breeze. The traveler is wondering, what I am to do here. I turn upon him, looking like a dark ghost appears. Wind blown waves (fabric waving appearing in the breeze, but it's darkness instead in the winds) come to look upon at me.  I ask, what can I do, to relieve.  He looks at me, wondering how I can conceive (him).

I stand before you (I command, he jumps back a little bit). I tell you this. I have been asked to help you miss (communicate), the turn of shelter, it's what you need, now tell me, what do you conceive. 

ts: He says,  " I didn't know, others could see me. I have been here so long.  I want to travel further, but I don't know where to go, the darkness pulls me close to the earth. This family is helping my girth. I want to stay here, but they don't want to play. How can I be the soldier, you think of me. I know you are an Angel, sent from God above, I see your radiance like a sun . I see the golden eagle (Holiness David) he is brilliant as can bee, and I know, you are here to bring company.  What I would like to do, is find a view. No matter, where I have to be. If I must come home, down from the roaming moon, then I will be near, the child who believes.  I want to be a pleasure, to bring in my measure.  How do I play my part, this very day? I ask you Angel in Bloom (regarding White Buffalo Calf Woman), can you tell me, can you show me, can you find a way to room, a sanctuary room, for me.  I want to know, how do I please. I look for comfort in a family.  Do they want me to leave?

cw:  Now I understand, I am here to command, it's the red of your face, the fallen blood, the trace, the children are afraid, could you not show this way.  I will visit if you need, but Running Deer is here to see, I will tell her, your desires, to set you all free. Listen to me.  I will hold the hearts so clear, teach them offering of love you fear, they will leave you, but instead of being dismissed, they can allow your mist, to be part of this hall, that makes you feel safe after all.  How does that sound to you?  I need to bless you through and through.  You understand this, a fire a mist, I will purify your dark. I will bless your sacred heart.

(holiness stop drumming thinking we were done, and I had to get him back with me and in the room and it took a minute)

ts: (great pain in and behind his right eye). He says, "Woe, Holiness listens to you (Holiness David Running Eagle follows heaven, a mark of a true leader) and can follow you pretty fast.  Thank you for that.  I am feeling better, now. (when Holiness entered the room, the pain in head went away). Thank you for sharing the fire call.  I will now bless myself, I have learned being here, to bring in the sacred call. I do my part after all."

cw: What makes you feel so much pain, because I will purify all the darkness again. What do you do, when you feel lost?  I need to know, how you think you do your part?

ts:  He says, "I am righteous and try to observe, but often, I am not heard.  I know the children recognize pain, maybe, it could warn them, to bless all under this household.  I do want to know joy with them, but how do I show them, how do I swim?"

Cw:  I will share with the children who appear, let's think of another way to show fear.  Maybe make a knock to two, then they know, to look at another view. Or how about, you just feel sad, they are learning how to empath.  Give them understanding, just like you need. They will learn, how to conceive.

I will bless you now, with fire.  I gift my breath with holy ghosts, I send the snakes upon the posts.  I sea the shelter of God come over thee, pull through the castle walls, the bridge comes down in you.  I know you, it seems scary now, but you don't always have to be this cloud. You can shine reflection purity, just let the children listen to thee. Let the smoke fill the air, let the fire be aware.  BE greater, than love, purify the light of love, greater, and greater, the feeling is measure, the song, that carries pleasure of waves of light, relieving rainbow plight. The darkness is blue of you, the higher and higher the fire is dew.  And above the yellow from the red, the blue is here, down below near God, the footstool of his love is purity. Now gray dark is blue light, levity.  feel the light cleanse your heart, your being so brightly, the darkness reflect all light, inner brightness, the bluing of you (relative, light rays). Come heart be true, (he is bathing in light, white blue light).  Now, let this love of God, fill up the clouds of love. Let it go into the rooms, fill this house soon, with greatness call.  Give love and blessings everywhere, know we are faithful and we care,  The wolves are looking right at me, tongue is hanging out to please, what can we do now they ask, begging for a task (sweetness over come, to help you). I whisper to you, listen up, to the ques, it's time for love to enter this room. Carry on, just like you have, listen spirits, who come to grab, will know, you protect this house.  Will know the darkness cloud, will embrace you, purity too.  I bless sacred nine in you, directions from every view. Light come over me, bath me in the seas, of the darkness blue, lighted up this soon.  I feel my heart.  I hold the darts (flight between realms).  I fly from this womb of love, to be embraced this way.  To be a sacred tray lay down your head, to dreams, we are on our way. We are here to pray.

The dark being, is speechless, the wolves understand, owls, not seen, but flutter by behind me, everything is alright now, all are looking out, standing guard.  Warding off.

cw:  I stand in the hall, wondering if I should check all the rooms, but I feel that I may come back real soon, to see how things are going, this way.  I bless all the children who play young old and gray.  You are Thunder Storm. I know your name.  I understand, it's a rainbow cloud, implode, that's the red, the law of love, that bled.

ts: He says, yes, yes, you understand, thank you for coming, thank you for sharing, I will try hard, to help, the kids, I did not know any other way. Thank you again, both of you. Blessings upon your souls.  Aho. Aho. Aho, that's the way we go!

cw:  I feel there are others, who need to be talked with, who did not come out this time. I will come back for them, because if they don't bless in the wind, I will purify their hearts, they know now, I can dart, right to any heart.  I love you and purity is necessary trust your self, my spirit relatives in the wind, who abide, to care to be here. Long to be good hearted and free, unite carelessly and we shall find company again.  I will bless all your sins. I depart now, I go up, out the roof and the sky is dark, but blue gray, I feel it's going to be okay, lots of learning on both sides, it's time.  Evolution, I smile.  As I flutter, like a bird (without wings), over this house, I never heard, any kind of despair or crying within. Instead, we find the true, who are looking out for you. We find the path to unity needs to care.

Blessing above the house!
Holiness David and I bless this home.  Holiness David looks over your home.  We are but a shadow, of light, left over head. We are sparkling diamonds in the wind. We cover you with blessings, like true stars of heaven, they flutter to your hearts and your home  (snowflakes falling, stars of david).  And we love you deerly (journey of life, we hold close to our heart), come closer merely to know, that snowflakes fall, on mountains tall (stand up), come fly to stars with me. I will shine in the heavens, for all to sea, I leave you with sunshine, in the dark. I leave with sparkling lights of God.  I leave you with wholesome gratify, with heaven upon earth this day. We are the saviors, who came to pray just like those, who saved our way. We help each other, to command. We help each other to understand, like stars in the heavens that dance, we send blessings, full of romance!

Flying around the heavens in a snake like trail, the to and fro in the blue road to heaven, up we go!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, our Father Red Hand, elder lavender person, wiccasa wakan or holy man.  Thunder Storm is a Dark Spirit Warrior, who longs to have a home, to be part of this sacred drum (girth and life of this world).  He longs to feel wanted, because he only protects, but gets no respect.  A gallon of water, where he does come by, to bless near his heart, to cover alibis (purify sins), because he needs smoke and blessings, to be part of company. Take notice and talk with him please. He only wants to please.  You must bless him in darkness, not light, like I did (it might of seemed), because I started with darkness to begin.  I gave only darkness, the light from within, not earthly nor misunderstood.  Be sure, to offer recognition to all the beasts in your home. They only want to be petted and understood. The wolves are looking for directions, so you will have to give them some.  And you will have to greet the hearts of everyone, light. dark, even shades all under the sun. The owls are a mystery, because I did not talk with them, but often they are too/two/united to protect, when you are not there, watching over the house and home!  Speaking in your dreams, when on the phone (prayers to god, dreams at night in rest). All others will be evaluated, when I come a next time, but you will start the holy dialogue, to integrate heaven and earth.  Let the children rise, teach them how to cry, and it's time for them to bless the soul, in the dark.  And when it's time to be feared, then purify will cure, to share heart, unite parts, to be one clan, the rainbow demands. Let's be one family.  Let's understand, even if we fear the breeze. Let us listen to our hearts. Let us become greatness, we are part.  Heaven and earth is hear/here again, now it's time for all to sing. Put the music on, let's have some fun!

ts: Thunder Storm (dark spirit protection)
cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman
8:45pm - 10:04pm pst
Mountain View, California, USA

Blessed Song I give to you, to know the Sacred Blue.  The home that we long to know true, the loving Blue (heart knowing relatives).  Where distance is just a call, when you need all that's water fall (tears) and spring will light up inside your heart to find the blue, red illumination's call (finding your spirit) . . . aho, may your spirit fly!

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 8:19 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother wrote:

Beloved Running Deer,
Holiness David Running Eagle and I will be over as soon as we can to check things out.
Warrior skills needed. Start blessing and embrace all spirits who come, this is your protection.
your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Aida Running Deer, Your Magic Heart of Belief (aqua person) wrote:

Namaste Relatives,

Recently there have been a few unusual things being seen around my home. About a month ago my four year old came to me saying she didn't want to be in the living room without my Partner (her step father) because only he could protect her. From what? Well she says she saw a bloody faced man walking around our living room. Also around this time, my partners father passed.

I recalled that also during this time I was seeing Large Feline faces and a few owls but so many more Feline faces that I had forgotten about the owls until speaking to my mother about another time in my life when I had seen owls. Which had been when I was 12, I had been seeing owls in my dreams for months, my foster sister and I had felt a presence in the home often in the room I was in. When I was 14 I found out my father died the summer I was having these experiences. My mother said she new of people claiming to see owls before the death of a family member. I didn't know this, I became a little nervous, but I'm not sure why. Back to recently, well my daughter will still talk about people she sees, I encourage her to talk, she uses sounds and music more to communicate with me.

Well two nights ago, I was watching the baby monitor that monitored the living room area of our home, it was probably about 6 or 7 at night maybe a little later. The lights were off but I could see a smokey figure descend from the ceiling area and glide across my living room. It put my hairs up, and I told my partner, he did not appreciate my sighting, he was very nervous. I did not get a sense of ill will from anything in my home, but my oldest daughter says when she comes home she often feels sad for no reason. A few times she has burst into
tears and when I ask her what is wrong she cant explain, she says she doesn't know, she just feels so sad all the sudden or she may feel very Angry for no reason and this scares her most I think. I am afraid she is very sensitive to whatever the problem may be, at first and this is still kind of in the back of my head I thought these random strong emotions may be because she is getting close her having her first moon time. She will be 10 next year, that was my age. But the recent visitor that I saw kind of made me think differently, my kids see
things all the time, but now I am.

Also when I glance around my home or close my eyes, I see Wolf and Bear faces constantly. I had a dream recently too but I cant remember exactly except that I was a bear standing tall above a wolf who was my
partner or vise versa, perhaps we switched in the dream. I will try to remember exactly, this frustrates me, not remembering my dreams. But the wolf is gray/black/white and the bear is brown. This is all a lot of information pulled into one message, I can get ahead of myself thinking that everyone is processing everything like I am, and this is not always the case, so for those I lost along the way of the story, Namaste. I will stop here for now. I could probably write forever.

Namaste Relatives, I bless myself, I bless the world, I bless you all
Running Deer, your Magic Heart of Belief

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

It is gracefulness. It is wonderful. It is heavenly awakening I know. It is earthly bound. It is heaven's ground. Let my light transform all the world. It is grandness unfold. It is the ever growing bold. It is what I feel when I am inside of you. It's the growing youth, the sound that feels "no use", but it begins to dream and find that it's gonna breathe, and know that life, will bring him the dance that just begins, just like the spring. Come let's play today. Let's grow and flower smell, the wonderful gardens that bloom right under my nose, oh how it feels. I say, "Let's be a part", of this golden art, the sacred dance, of living life, in everything, the song of spring. Can't you see it glow? I want you to know. You are the greatest light show I have ever known. And you are grand, as great as a man, the kind of heart, that blossoms and flows and grows (embraces), the soul that bellows forth. And woman is she, the kind who leaves greed (instead shares), outside the door, because heaven knows, the soul does stroll. Relatives we know. I greet them at the store (gathering or market place), the place I collide, with every kind of alibi (excuses for being amoral). And I shall always bee, the trueness of me (my soul does not hide), where I offer you my light (rainbow colors), to bring you home with some apple pie (sweet heart). Sharing is what I do, when I embrace you. It's the place I know, because you make my heart glow.